Saturday, September 17, 2011

Tutorial 3d Max - 3d Model Rocketbox Libraries: Complete Characters

Rocketbox Libraries: Complete Characters berisi 104 Karakter realistis 3D human,
terutama dibuat untuk lingkungan realtime seperti permainan komputer,
simulasi dan dunia maya lainnya.


DVD 1 berisi:

104 characters for 3ds Max or Maya
100 ready made animations
each character in 3 different polycounts
complete bone skeleton, skinning and 100 animations
2048 x 2048 pixel textures as photoshop psd files
customizable layers + normal bump maps and specular maps

DVD 2 berisi:

The set of characters, a library consisting of 104 realistic human 3D characters, especially setting for:
computer games, 3D models of scenes from the use of extras, and other virtual worlds, where the necessary character of man.

DVD 3 berisi:

104 characters for 3ds Max or Maya
100 ready-made animations
Each of the characters has 3 copies of the file but with different detailing (highpoly, lowpoly, mediumpoly)
In completing part of the structure of the skeleton, textures (skins) and 100 varieties of human animation
Textures with a resolution of 2048 x 2048 pixels made in photoshop and saved in psd format
Customizable layers, + normal bump (bump maps) maps and specular maps (maps of dispersion)

Harga Asli : 2.499.00 Euro ( 28 jt an )

Harga Disini : Hanya Rp. 180.000


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